Scanning and Photographing Art for Restaurant Ads

The right artwork complements a restaurant’s décor. They are also often used to influence mood and appetite. Aside from that, they can be used in creating ads. To use them for online ads, certain things must apply.

You have already prepared your art, and now you need a replica of it to post online. What you need to know is that your online audience will like it when you can post the best quality photo without a lot of editing from the original. This means that you have to get good scanned or captured photos.

To get art online, you can either scan or photograph with scanning being the easiest option. To do that, learn a few tips and tricks below.

Photographing Your Art Adverts

Needless to say, you need a good quality digital camera to take quality photos of your art. You do not need top quality DSLR cameras as a good unit with at least 13mp will do. When photographing, ensure you have set the camera to the highest resolution and brightness to capture the smallest details of your art.

You might consider using a tripod stand to stabilize your camera and then hang your art on a wall. Ensure that the artwork hangs straight on the wall – use a spirit level if you can – and the tripod stand is well leveled on the ground. Again, ensure there is maximum light on your artwork evenly spread out with no shadows formed.

The more perfect you are when taking your photos, the less you need to edit them later.

Scanning your artwork

Scanning is the best option for art that is flat and fits in the scanning area perfectly. It is also the best option when you do not want to do a lot of editing afterward. To do this, a good-sized scanner with good resolution is needed for scanning.

Once you have placed your artwork on the scanner, you might have to adjust the brightness and the contrast to your liking. To reduce the amount of editing you do on the artwork, adjust the brightness and the contrast to match the original art piece. Save the settings as new profile allowing you to access them with ease the next time you scan art.

Ensure that the art lies flat on the scanner and there are no folds that can create a shadowy effect.

Editing Your Art

After photographing, you might need to edit your art pieces in Photoshop. This is especially essential if you photographed your art. You will need to ensure that the art is straight and it fills up the canvas perfectly.

If there are unwanted backgrounds, ensure that you remove them and give your artwork a great looking edge. Any design software will be great at editing your photos to give you quality. If the lighting on the photos is not enough, ensure you add brightness for clarity.

Get the best quality for your Restaurant Marketing

Whichever option you choose, you can get good quality on your art. If you do not get the quality of photo you needed for your online use, you can edit the photos on CS2 or any other photo editing software to get the best. For photos, enhance your photography skills and for scanning, ensure your scanner is set right.