Maintaining a Restaurant’s Aesthetics from the Roof

The roof is one of the elements of a building that will be seen from afar. While it severs a number of structural benefits, it can also be used to ensure a building looks great from any distance or angle. In a home, a good looking roof increases the curb appeal and raises the value of a home. For a restaurant or lounge, it keeps customers protected from the weather elements and also adds to its appeal.

It is therefore of great business value for a restaurant to maintain its aesthetics by selecting the right roof and maintaining it. Below are a couple of things you could do with your roof to maintain the aesthetics of your restaurant.

Check Brick and Stonework Color

The brick and the stonework forms the most permanent part of a building. It is their color that should be complimented when you are choosing the color, tone, and texture of the roofing materials. Other elements in your restaurant such as the fascia, shutters, doors, soffit, and windows can be colored with much ease to meet your needs.

Hold shingle samples against your restaurant’s masonry and ensure that the two colors complement each other to result in a good looking mix and match. Note that some colors and shades will never match completely. For instance, a red bricked restaurant will never look good with blue-hued shingles. If you are not good with colors and how to combine them, you should start with a neutral color first.

Choosing a Shingle Color

When you are choosing a color, one thing you need to note is that you should never choose the color of your shingles to be exactly like that of your restaurant’s masonry. For instance, if you have gray bricks and then match that with a gray roof, your house will look monotone and dull. Instead, you should complement the masonry color by considering the accent areas of the brick or the mortar.

If your restaurant has a bright colored siding, for instance, red bricks, choose a simple neutral tone for the roof to balance the colors. If you have a white or a dull colored siding, you can pick vividly colored shingles to bring the pop of color that your restaurant is missing.

Shingle Styling

The aesthetics of a roof goes beyond color; they have to include style. The roofing style you choose has to complement the overall style of your restaurant. For instance, you should use a time-appropriate roofing style for a colonial styled building.

In the case of a colonial style, a slate styled shingle will look great, offering the look of slates with asphalt benefits. For a rustic or cottage styled look, a gray or brown shake style shingle will complement the restaurant. Work with Tetra Construction or any commercial roofer for your restaurant to find the best roof style.

Find a Good Roof Today

There are so many different roofing materials and styles, and not all will match your restaurant or home. It is therefore important to take your time when you are picking the roof to ensure you get the best for your premises. After you’ve found one, get the best roofer to install it for you.