Catered Party Buses from George Lounge!

We’d like to announce that we are now offering a great new option for nightlife and parties with our renowned food offerings, thanks to a partnership with a wonderful luxury party bus company, PartyBusRentals.NYC.   Please read below for more info on this exciting new feature of the George Lounge family.

Catering for Weddings and Bachelorette Parties

While we have been happy to provide catering services for many years, our new partership allows us to provide even more accomodation for bachelor parties and wedding parties, among others.  We now offer exclusive packages for party bus rentals throughout the city, which can be used for riding around town, trips to casinos, sight seeing or other venues.

These packages will include food and drink provided by George Lounge.  You can choose from one of our many curated menu packages, or sit down with your chef to work out exactly what you want for your menu.  Easy peasy!

Start at George, then Hit the Town!

Another exciting option for this new offering is the combination of a feast at any of our locations plus a trip in the party bus around town.  We can provide all the drinks and refreshments on the bus, and you can choose any destination within the city.  We have some great recommendations for some exciting destinations that you can choose from, if you cant pick one on your own.

Up to 45 People!

The best part about these deluxe party buses is that they can fit up to 45 passengers.  This can usually account for an entire wedding party or bachelorette party.  The spacious party buses allow for everything from sitting and chilling to dancing and grooving.  Just check out some of these picks from Party Bus Rentals NYC website:

If you are interested in these exciting new options, please contact us today!



Best Foods in the World

Our mothers are always and will always be the one who cooks us the best food, but from other countries, what food is the tastiest? What is the best food around the globe? Travel and food are interrelated.

Massaman Curry from Thailand. This is known to be the king of all curries. This taste spicy, coconutty, sweet and savory. In Thailand there is a place called The Land of Smiles where delicious food is sold on nearly every street corner.

Neapolitan Pizza in Italy. This is known as the best pizza, it is invented with sea salt, high-grade wheat flour, fresh tomato and hand-rolled dough with the strict use of wood-fired oven.

Chocolate! Everyone loves chocolate, without this creamy, bittersweet confection dates will never be sweet!

Sushi from Japan! It is a combination of raw fish and rice.

Pecking duck in China. It is a maltose-syrup glazed duck, slowly roasted in an oven that results a crispy and syrup-coated skin.

Hamburger. A bread, meat and salad combination.

Ice cream! A pile of ice cream with nuts, marshmallows and chocolate sauce.

Rendang from Indonesia, this is a slowly simmered beef with coconut milk.

Asian Cuisine vs Western Cuisine

Food taste! Which is better, the Asian Cuisine or the Western Cuisine? Albeit, the two of the cuisines are best, they are just different because they are inspired by different cultures. Western cuisine is different first and foremost with the serving quantity, it is obviously bigger than the Asian cuisine. Meat plays a major role in the Western cuisine it is the highlight of their every meal, meanwhile in the Asian cuisine it is just a parcel of the meal.

On the other hand, rice plays a major role in southeast Asian food culture but in the Western cuisine they use rice only as a side dish. An Asian cuisine is not complete without rice in it, Asians are carbohydrate lovers that noodles and rice can be both presented in a meal at the same time.

Western food looks for a ‘food pair’, their foods should have a matching taste meanwhile Asian food has an opposite approach, they avoid pairing ingredients that has the same flavor.

Setting aside the differences, Asian cuisine and Western cuisine both put great emphasis on the use of condiments, seasonings and herbs. The interrelation of the taste and preference has given establishments more ideas.