Advantages of Using Washing Machines in Restaurants

Restaurants are expected to keep their premises clean at all times. Laundry forms a considerable part of the cleaning tasks that have to be performed. This is because aprons, workers’ uniforms, and linens are prone to spots as the workers go about their tasks and customers enjoy the restaurants’ services. The volume of items to be washed coupled with the rest of the cleaning tasks can make the task of keeping the restaurant clean to be overwhelming and expensive. Washing machines offer a variety of advantages for the restaurant looking to ensure its towels, table cloths, aprons and other garments are clean and dry whenever they need to be used.

Wash larger loads

Using a washing machine for your restaurant’s laundry allows you to clean a larger number of items with each run. These appliances come in different sizes and capacities. The machine should however not be overfilled since doing so doesn’t allow for enough mechanical action to keep your items fresh. You can also adjust the time setting according to the fabric being cleaned or set it to use cold or hot water depending on your cleaning needs.   Depending on the type of machine, you can also clean larger loads at a time; saving the amount of water and energy used so that your water and energy bills don’t shoot up.

Stain removal

Washing machines also make it easy to remove different types of stains from work clothes, tablecloths, and other items. This can be done by pre-treating the stains as needed then throwing them in the washer. Others also have a bleach dispenser which makes it easier to whiten whites and remove stains.

Save on time and effort

Hand washing is slow and requires a lot of effort to get the spots off a single item at a time. A washing machine beats hand washing in terms of the time and effort taken to keep your restaurant towels, table cloths and linens clean and fresh. By adjusting its settings, a washing machine can clean different fabrics and ensure that heavy fabrics are properly washed while the delicate ones are not damaged. You can also load the machine and perform other tasks while cleaning is going on.

Quick drying

Some washing appliances combine the washing machine with drying capabilities so that you can have clean and dry items within a short time. This is especially useful if you don’t have a lot of time to wait or the weather doesn’t allow for your laundry to dry quickly if hang on a line.

With the right type of washing machine for the volume of items you need to wash, the space available, and your budget, you are bound to reap benefits from using a washing machine instead of relying on hand washing. Therefore, it is important that you carefully evaluate the available appliances based on features such as the washing technology, capacity, spin cycles, its energy rating and reliability as well as noise level. This information can be easily found while you shop or online buying guides. Spanish-speaking shoppers looking for lavadora para los trabajadores de restaurant can find washing machine reviews and recommendations from Mejor Cosas Casa and other online shopping guides.